U Store-it

UStore-it offers exceptionally low-cost self-storage.

Storage per week Ustore-it easyStorage Big Yellow Access SafeStore
35 Sqft £16.50 £19.50 £53.36 £55.17 £60.34
70 Sqft £33.00 £39.50 £96.34(75sqft) £92.65(75sqft) £89.09(75sqft)
105 Sqft £49.50 £58.50 £123.55(100sqft) £136.11(100sqft) £122.07(100sqft)
Free Collectionwhen storing over 12 weeks Yes No No No No

* Prices shown are standard list prices per week and include any special offers.

They are average prices taken from several random locations based on 1 year’s storage on the ground floor in and around London on 31 August 2021.

Where storage companies do not have exactly the same size storage units as us, we have added their closest storage size in brackets next to their storage rate.

Avoid the extra cost of removals and transport

As well as lowering the cost of storage, we have also worked out the most efficient way in time and cost to get your items to store. Finding a removals company or hiring a van can be costly and stressful. With Ustore-it, you can relax – we send the loaders and the storage pods directly to your home address at a time that suits you.

When you compare UStore-it to other self-storage providers such as Access, Big Yellow and Safestore, we are significantly cheaper.

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