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A Safe and Secure Long Term Storage Solution

UStore-It provides great savings on storage with better service.
Everyone ends up with possessions that are too valuable to give away, sell, or destroy, but are also no longer needed on a daily basis and are creating clutter. Whether you are running a business or a household, we have the perfect long term storage solution for you or your client. With us you’ll be able to store belongings for as long as you want, content in the knowledge that our facility provides a premium secure storage environment at a minimal cost.

Why choose us for your long term storage needs?

UStore-It has two particular features that help differentiate us from other storage companies.

The first is security. we aim to far exceed what is needed to deliver a secure storage environment. Our warehouse is located in a secure compound, which is under constant CCTV video surveillance 24/7/365 giving you complete peace of mind that anything you leave with us is as guarded and safe as is possible.

It’s not just threats from outside that we protect from, either. We protect items in our care by placing them in wooden units that have been constructed out of natural breathable wood that minimises the risk of loss or damage to the goods held within. Other storage facilities might offer this as an option, but you’ll be charged a premium for it. With us, this level of customised, secure storage is provided as a standard service – absolutely FREE to any and all of our customers.

The other area where we differentiate ourselves on long term storage is price. While other companies provide long term storage service between £40-£60 per week, we aim for sheer competitiveness with pricing, and will charge just £18.50 per week for 7 cubic meters. Our team is even empowered to offer deeper discounts than this if you need storage for over a year – just drop us an email with your needs and we’ll be in touch to discuss what we can do.

In other words, the longer your long term storage needs are, the bigger you can save with UStore-It! We also sell boxes, tape and other packing materials needed to ensure that your items are packed safely and securely, which is necessary for moving and storage.

Give us a call on 0800 756 9859 or email your inquiries to info@ustore-it.co.uk and we will work out the best quote for you!